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This site is owned and operated by Vaughan Premier, Ltd. We are an internet based retail and wholesale distributor of safety and lighting products located in Arlington, Washington in the Puget Sound Region of the Seattle metro area near Everett, WA. We operate a number of online ventures and fulfill orders to customers throughout the United States from our west coast warehouse.

We've been in business since February 2001, providing safety solutions to our customers around the U.S. Our first ecommerce site, focused on innovative ergonomics products, many of which were designed and manufactured by our own product development team. Our second ecommerce site, widened our online product lineup by offering a unique collection of cutting edge safety solutions., and each build upon our success in the safety products industry by adding a much needed focus on niche safety products.

We offer a streamlined online shopping platform that makes it easy to find the right products and check out in two easy steps. This is a great time savings to our business customers and consumers alike.

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