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Stretching Techniques Posters
Reduce workplace strain injuries

Encourage daily workplace stretching to keep your occupational athletes in tip top shape, and free of strains and sprains. These posters are illustrated with full color images that show proper techniques for both office and industrial workers.

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Funny Safety Posters
Humor is an effective and fun way to reinforce safety principles

Laughter is the best medicine when it comes to safety awareness. Employess will remember the message longer when accompanied by a humorous or funny cartoon or slogan. Many of our posters feature humorous animations and slogans on a variety of topics.

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Ergonomics Posters
Posters on body mechanics, stretching and posture help to reduce injury

Our line of ergonomics posters help employees learn how to reduce risk factors that lead to musculoskeletal disorders in the workplace. Demonstrate through safety posters how to use proper posture, lift correctly and employe proper body mechanics while working.

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your safety poster superstore. Our selection of safety posters cover a variety of safety topics for general industry. We also have a number of posters specific to certain industries such as food service and warehousing. You will also be pleased to know that our posters come in different sizes and formats to fit your application. We also have humorous posters to tickle your funny bone, and more serious posters if you prefer.